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Her excellence at the game is prominent from the fact that she not only bagged herself numerous victories and titles, but went on to become the first African American to rank herself at the World No 1 position.Seven Grand Slam titles, four Olympic Gold medals, thirteen women’s doubles and two mixed doubles title old Venus Williams was blessed with exceptional talent for the game since young. I was in shock, but she was really helpful because she had been through it before.“And you know, there will be other engagement parties.” She pauses a beat.

Game after game, she polished her skills and her prowess in the game to bring out the excellence in her.

With this biography, delve on the details of her life, childhood, profile & timeline.

An iconic player in the field of women tennis, Venus Williams is a name to reckon with.

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“Let’s just put an end to this myth that women players cannot be friends,” Williams says. Roger Federer might have dinner with Stan Wawrinka after a match, but among the women, it’s mostly cold shoulders.

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