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I’m not talking about bending the rules or recreating junk food that they so strongly advise against doing. I tried not over complicating it and kept the ingredients very simple and minimal enough to where I wouldn’t mind making the sauce at the drop of the hat.Just figuring out whole30 compliant sauces, marinades and ways to make dishes more like the comfort food you were used to. After all, half the joy of ribs is that sauce caramelizing and it’s solely responsible for making the ribs sticky, sweet and a mess to eat (messier the better, right? So after a little research from the ingredient list on the back of regular bbq sauces and a glimpse at some online Paleo and Whole30 recipes, I decided to devise my own simple whole30 bbq sauce. I also didn’t simmer the sauce for too long like a lot of recipes suggested, mostly cause I’m not a very patient cook.Source: Korean Bapsang While I normally cook it on the stovetop for several hours, time is of the essence more than ever these days.So when I came across Korean Bapsang’s ingenious idea of using a slow-cooker, I just had to try it!You can check out my recipe for Harissa-Spiced Roasted Root Vegetable Medley Salad with Sweet-Spicy Date Vinaigrette on Earthbound Farm!Disclosure: I received the Earthbound Farm product that I used in this recipe for free, and I also received compensation for this post.I’m not even going to begin to make any excuses of why I haven’t posted a recipe in almost a year. After a little downward spiral of being plain ol’ lazy about food and cooking, a lot of junk food and eating out, I decided to turn things around kick-starting with the Whole30 Program (Read about why I’m doing the Whole30 and my experiences here).

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Of course, the banchans make their appearance all throughout the week, but the thought of preparing multiple dishes, requiring lots of bowls, pots, utensils, etc., is a bit daunting.Western food research, for example, has long been dominated by the four "basic tastes" of sweet, bitter, sour and salty.In recent decades, however, molecular biology and other modern sciences have dashed this tidy paradigm.I am happy for the opportunity to share brands that I believe in with my readers, and I hope you enjoy my recipe. Cooking a Korean meal can sometimes feel like a huge production. The Peppers & Sweet Potato are slowly cooked with tomatoes, fresh ginger, cinnamon & smoked paprika and the sauce is sweet and spicy with lots of fresh coriander added right at the end; it’s a wonderful colourful plate of food.

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