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The structure is quite novelistic, separated into chapters and each part moving the story along in well paced increments.

The whole movie starts quite slowly, mysteriously and then opens out, that is a pleasing form as it adds layers to the work.

Then begins an intense relationship between the two women that will last throughout their lives, relationship based on the quest for freedom by writing to Violet and conviction for Simone to have in their hands the fate of an extraordinary writer.

The first thing that impresses is that this film is written very well.

No prescribing narrative or anecdotes: a repertoire of aural gestures prompts my hearing and allows it to err in and out of its permeable boundaries into words.

Arun Kumar, Matvey Klebanov, Ibrahim Abdulhalim , Satyendra Kumar, Yuriy Reznikov Accepted: 12 September 2016Sukhdeep Dhillon, Miriam Vitiello, Edmund Linfield, Alexander Davies, Matthias Hoffmann, John Booske, Claudio Paoloni, Michael Gensch, Peter Weightman, Gwyn Williams, Enrique Castro-Camus, D Cumming, Francois Simoens, Ivonne Escorcia-Carranza, James Grant, Stepan Lucyszyn, Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami, Kuniaki Konishi, Martin Koch, Charles Schmuttenmaer, Tyler Cocker, Rupert Huber, Andrea Markelz, Zachary Taylor, Vincent Wallace, Axel Zeitler, Juraj Sibik, Timothy Korter, B Ellison, Simon Rea, Paul Goldsmith, Ken Cooper, Roger Appleby, D Pardo, Peter Huggard, Viktor Krozer, Haymen Shams, Martyn Fice, Cyril Renaud, Alwyn Seeds, Andreas Stohr, Mira Naftaly, Nick Ridler, Roland Clarke, John Cunningham, Michael B Johnston Accepted: 12 October 2016Pengfei Tian, Paul Edwards, Michael Wallace, Robert Martin, Jonathan Mc Kendry, Erdan Gu, Martin Dawson, Zhi-Jun Qiu, Chuanyu Jia, Zhizhong Chen, Guoyi Zhang, Lirong Zheng, Ran Liu Accepted: 01 November 2016Vittorio Merlo, Matteo Salvato, Massimiliano Lucci, Ivano Ottaviani, Matteo Cirillo, Antonella Scherillo, Erik Schooneveld, Angelo Vannozzi, Giuseppe Celentano, Antonino Pietropaolo Accepted: 24 November 2016SAJITH V, Vidya Kochat, Jonghoon Lee, Vikas Varshney, sadegh yazdi, J Shen, suppanat kosolwattana, Soumya Vinod, Robert Vajtai, Ajit Roy, Chandra Sekhar Tiwary, Pulickel Ajayan Accepted: 28 November 2016Two- and three-phase states, domain types and stress relief in Ba Ti O3-based ferroelectrics NB!

There is no centre here that dictates form and symmetry: this is about the core, something more dense and subtle, connected to beginning and indeed connected to care.

And this core is shaped as a constellation: the concentrated act of making sound opens up to the dissipation of making sound happen, in listening, yet all its elements are held together.

I need to know that I was caught listening while intent on something else, something that lured me into unexpected interferences: a ripple on a background of history with no apparent motive, a sequence of rhythms stripped off an emotional tapestry, a perceptual gasp.

I do not like to explain these sounds, or understand them: in the same manner as Mika never told me what he wants to do with them and through them.

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