Ron and hermione dating fanfic


She was sitting in the comfortable chair in the Gryffindor common room with her cat, Crookshanks running around trying to catch the moths flying aimlessly. "triumphed Harry"So since when were you two fancying each other?She was knitting a sock (or maybe a hat) for the enslaved house-elves in hopes of setting them free. " asked Harry sitting down in the couch that was near him."Just now." said Ron quietly"Really, Ron how thick do you think I am?It'll, uh, relive your stress from all that studying, especially you." said Ron making up reasons for her."Just celebrate without me" she annoyingly"BUT I DON'T WANT TO! I dun----...." before Ron realized, he was embraced in Hermione's arms and he unlocked his stiff arms and slowly warped it around Hermione. Suddenly Harry storms in and says"I can't take all the festivity that's going on...." says Harry who was now goggling at the two. " asked Hermione curiously."Umm..I sort of b-began" Ron said no more. " Ginny asked, grinning in a way that reminded me far too much of Fred and George."Yes, because Harry's still in the Hospital Wing and you're staying to be with him." I said rationally."Sounds like a date to me, Hermione." The Weasley girl said, smirking, "He asked you to go, he told you to meet him in the Common Room, you will doubtlessly do things couples do... Because it's Ron." Parvati said, studying my wardrobe carefully. I saw Ginny smirking from behind a Witch Magazine by the fireplace at me.Suddenly a red haired Gryffindor student named Ron Weasley bombarded into the Gryffindor common room and starts barking at Hermione,"Why the bloody hell are you kitting right after we finished the exams?! You two were in love with each other ever since you met." said Harry.Are you ma­---""I'm knitting because I want to finish at least five more clothing for the house elves before the holidays start. Then, Ron and Hermione both said defensively "No I haven't""Oh. You can say whatever you want but there's no escaping the fact that you two loved each other ever since you've met." said Harry tactfully."Well anyway, I'll leave you two love birds to yourself. Hermione weakly laughed and looked at Crookshanks who was sleeping in a ball on a couch."Ron, can I ask you something" asked Hermione hesitantly"Um....Her mother had told her that it would hold three thousand people in stadium seating above the actual court.The Atrium was brimming with people but Harry’s vassal, Thaddeus Banner, was making way for them without much of a fuss.

If they were going to make their home in Britain, which was Hermione’s preference, then their appearing in public had to be Miss Mc Gonagall? “We can look forward to a scathing article about that.” “I’m seeing spots,” Hermione exclaimed. I’ve been very gracious about contributing to their magazine! Thaddeus guided them both into a lift and it closed on the crowd.

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– – – – It crossed Hermione’s mind as they passed through the wand check at the Ministry that most of the magicals in Britain had seen very little of Harry since he was cursed.

I want to know how it feels — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

They leave room for the imagination and as long as the writer isn’t using purple prose (like describing a dick as a member or a spear), they give details that porn just can’t provide.

Hint: it has nothing to do with me being a prude... If I really want to turn myself on, it’s not porn that I go to. So why am I not just picking up a romance novel or dirty texting my crush, you ask? It’s almost like having sex with a friend you’ve had a crush on forever; you know them well, you really care about them, and the connection and chemistry are real. That can only come across in writing erotic stories. My favorite "ships" appeal to what attracts me romantically.

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