Richard gutierrez and sarah lahbati dating


- Sarah Lahbati had an impromptu photoshoot with her partner Richard Gutierrez which fired up Instagram- They successfully stole the attention of people with their sexy and at the same time, adorable couple photos- People couldn’t help but compare Sarah with international personalities like Jennifer Lawrence and Gigi Hadid While everyone was busy waiting for updates on the Star Magic Ball 2016, Sarah Lahbati suddenly dropped photos that stole everyone’s attention.

The photoshoot wasn’t even done in a studio, but according to Sarah, it was an impromptu choice on their part.

Taking to Instagram also to show how proud she is of her son, Sarah posted a pic of her hand with a baby’s hand resting on it with the caption, “Extremely proud to announce the new memberof our family, baby Zion.” In an earlier report, Richard said now is the perfect time to do so.

“I think now is the perfect time to answer their questions.

However, the former admitted that she considered Ejercito to be the closest "father" figure to her daughter, Ellie.

Eigenmann has yet to confirm the real identity of Ellie's biological father, but promised to do so when her daughter asks her to.

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We are nothings." Eigenmann and Ejercito had a tumultuous relationship.Richard's brother Elvis recently married his longtime girlfriend Alexa Uichico. I'm not looking for anything else.) “I’m very content where I am right now. KISPINOY After taking a break from television, Richard is back this time hosting (K-Pop Icon Search Philippines), a reality search for the next talented Filipino to be the next K-Pop sensation. In the show, Filipino contestants will undergo training from local and international K-Pop mentors in singing, dancing and stage performance. For Richard, hosting ." The show, which aired its pilot last July 11, has two Filipino judges – Rico Blanco and Gelli de Belen – representing the Philippines, while a Korean star will sit as a guest judge during the competition. Richard said that he was initially surprised with Gelli's inclusion in the show but later discovered her knowledge about K-Pop. (It feels good because Zion's voice is very distinct. Sometimes he enters the room because he wakes up early and he would wake us up and say 'Dada!

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