Native americans method of dating

The MSU Libraries own many more streaming videos besides the ones listed to the right.If you want to explore Native American films in Canada or the Latin America, for example, or if you want to explore different topics, take a look at : Filmakers Library Online / Alexander Street Press.The women gave names to various patterns so they could talk about them - the tree pattern, the leaf pattern, the mountain pattern, and so on. All summer long basket-making materials were collected. Certain grasses were collected because of their strength and colors. The waterproof baskets were used to carry water and other liquids. Baskets had fancy designs, and were made in a special way, with double weaving, using river cane, so that they were very sturdy. Although their baskets added color and gaiety to the appearance of their homes, they were also useful.Women tried to outdo their neighbors with designs and colors. Others could not copy from her, although she could give a design as a gift to a good friend or to her children. Some women hiked into the mountains, the deserts, or the deep woods far from their homes to collect grass to make baskets. Baskets were used as storage containers for just about everything. Baskets were used for just about everything - to gather the crops, to store food, to store belongings, to haul. Some Indian families had a family design they used when weaving baskets.Baskets were a big part of daily life in tribes across the country. They made woven baskets out of the natural materials available to them.Part of a woman's job was to never let her family run out of colorful baskets.

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The geometric designs woven in baskets were not religious in nature.A compilation of film resources about Native Americans available in the MSU Libraries.Additional films such as The Menominee and The Potawatomi from the Library of Michigan are also listed in our union catalog.and were built on many of the sites where modern cities now rise.They hunted deer, buffalo, and other game and cultivated land where today crops are still grown.some of these are Andice, backed knives, Dawson, First view, Goshen, Howard county, Massard, Nebo hill, Paisano, Raccoon, Stockton, Turin, Ulu, and Washita northern variety.

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