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He spent many years teaching at Kaegebein Elementary and then finished his career at Veronica Connor Middle School, teaching sixth grade.In addition to his teaching duties, he also was a football coach, Mathletes advisory, and served GITA for several years.

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I hate railing against a comedian as comedy is subjective, but her jokes were bad to me and her reaction were terrible when trying to sell it. So again, comedy is subjective, but I think I laughed meekly once and that is a shame for an hour long show.

See full summary ยป Gwen doesn't have an easy life... After months of hot mail, Tanya flies a first time to Atlantic City and they start to have hot sex.

She has to provide alone for her son, pay for her studies, and work in a low pay job... Once she's pregnant, she tells Joe she was abused by her wife-beating father, and is again by her husband Mark, a gangster.

Sadly, in the fall of 2012, both he and his wife were diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In the midst of this tragedy, Jim was able to maintain a positive outlook.

He often expressed gratitude for his life and the people in it.

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