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Japanese dating culture can be a minefield for people who aren’t familiar with the culture.

Politeness and cultural hierarchies dictate very specific language to be used (along with certain rules) that should be kept in mind while exploring you romantic interests.

there isn’t really any way to misconstrue the intention behind this phrase.

Now that you’ve got the flirtatious phrases out of the way, we’ve compiled a helpful list of dos and don’ts for dating in the Japanese culture.

Internationally minded people who share common interests - culture, travel and romance.

They come to Japanese Friend Exchange to share, flirt, communicate, have fun, and to form meaningful relationships.

There is no real evidence that the kousai zero nichikon trend is taking the far eastern islands by storm.

You really don’t want to come on too strong, so something simple like “I care about you,” doesn’t push the envelope too far, but does make your intentions clear.

Make sure you know that he/she is interested in you before you say it though, just to be on the safe side.

One Japanese aggregator website has since been awash with stories of how people have simply got married to life-long friends.

The country has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, with just 8.4 children being born per 1,000 inhabitants over the last five years.

Its population of 127m people is predicted to decrease to 87m by 2060.

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