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Like Philip, my home button does not work from a particular angle. I occasionally have this problem with an intensive process running, it just takes a while to wake. Just saying, consider a minor hardware problem first.You could try going by the Apple Store to meet with a Genius (if there is one close enough to you).In this day and age teenagers are more tech savvy than most adults.They chat on their smartphones with their peers, download all the popular apps and are greatly familiar with their device settings.They have diagnostics they'll run for free to see if something weird is going on with your phone. (sorry, can't remember the exact path and I don't have a Mac right now).And try to find out if there's a crash file that match the time of the issue.View full description The official Gmail app lets you read and write emails from your i OS device.Gmail for i OS includes most of the options you find in Gmail for the web: you can manage multiple accounts, search for messages in any of your folders, and save attachments flawlessly. This combined with more practical filters, make it a lot easier to locate emails.

I strongly recommend you keep a separate ID for each person. If they are 15 and above, you may want them to maintain their own accounts and identity on the devices.

I will be giving my three children three i Pads as their christmas presents.

I am now currently using my i Phone 4 with my only one Apple ID for the App Store.

This is happening a lot more frequently as of late than before. One night it ended up like how you described when I tried to wake from using the Camera app.

I am not sure how many apps/services running you can have open at once because I have curbed my use and watched for unused open apps since then and I have not had any problems.

An interesting aspect of this app is that it has a built in feature called Safe Send.

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