Intimidating german translation


I’ve confined myself to words readily available in German dictionaries.

I’ve tried to avoid slang words or words unique to one of the many regional dialects.

While researching words for this list, I was also shocked to learn that my Oma (Grandmother) had probably made some of my favorite words up.

For example, I was unable to include ‘Muesterchen (Muesterkens)*’ because I couldn’t prove that this word exists outside my immediate family.

Often these personal notes contained information regarding the individual's place of origin.

Church records can be among the most helpful in locating an immigrant ancestor's place of origin. Historical newspapers from an ancestor's residence in the United States are a source not to be overlooked.

The formal name of the Enabling Act was ("Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich").

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Instead, I’ve included words that I find particularly interesting or unique.

Birth records for children of an ancestor born in the United States may contain similar information.

Many indexes are available to help in the search for these records. Parish records chronicled similar life events to those found in vital records (birth, marriage, and death).

Engel: Meaning angel, this sweet name is perfect for a passive and kind natured dog, of either male or female persuasion.

Keep in mind that many German names are decidedly male or female, so make sure you know the name's gender before assigning it to your pet.

Muesterchen/Muesterkens (translation: little patterns) are the marks fabrics leave on your face while you are asleep.

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