Does omarion and rihanna dating

While the two friends were in town last week recording their December 4 joint LP, Face Off, they enjoyed some loud laughs when asked about their love lives — both current and defunct. "If I throw it at you, can you throw that a-- back? "We're going to make them respect our grind and our hustle, the both of us," Bow promised. They know it's in me to become one of the hottest MCs.

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Russell Simmons On Not Dating Black Women – Russell Simmons did some blogging to ask people to leave him alone for dating non black women.

He wrote: “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood“ star Omarion calls it quits with girlfriend Apryl after she refused to give her son a DNA test to prove he’s Omarion’s baby.

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Sounds to us like Omarion’s publicist is working overtime…

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