Dating sites screen for sex offenders

Friends encouraged her to try online dating websites in the winter of 2012.

“My friend was actually the one who signed me up to all these different sites,” she said.

While none of them looked too much like him, there's something a bit eerie about staring at pictures of sex criminals who vaguely resemble people you know. How do you verify its results, and what exactly do you do if you decide that "Mark, 20, from London" is actually a criminal offender?

However, the attorney general and the three sites say they will meet regularly to discuss how to create stronger identity theft protections and online safety tools.

Last April, a woman named Carole Markin went public with accusations that a man she met on in 2010 sexually assaulted her on their second date.

But in the last decade or so, the game of looking for love has gotten some new rules, with the venue moving from the bar world to the the cyber world.

Instead of men searching for the right verbal approach, many now search for the right photo to put on their profile page.

Creep Shield, a new web browser extension, claims to weed out dating profiles that belong to registered sex offenders using facial recognition technology.

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