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The Soundplane A can be configured as either a 150-note keyboard with position and pressure sensing on each key, or as one continuous surface. Here are the technical details: Soundplane is also responding to pressure as well a x position and relative to where you first touched a pitch. Resolutions are variable from highly quantized to pretty much unlimited resolution if you are willing to spin the dial enough times.

This video, via bar|none, explores using the Madrona Labs Soundplane for something a little more experimental, traveling through a single long sample and playing grains. Visual feedback on the arc helps you understand what is happening.

We found that several members of a family of RNA-binding, CCCH-containing zinc-finger proteins control TNF expression through its 3′UTR, and we identified a previously unidentified regulatory element in the UTR.

The disease in BPSM1 mice is independent of the adaptive immune system and does not appear to involve inflammatory cytokines other than TNF.

Here, we show that loss of epigenetic regulation results in the induction of TNF in the intestinal epithelium, leading to a loss of intestinal barrier function and inflammation.

Our results suggest that mutations in genes controlling epigenetic regulators can lead to IBD onset.

Here, we show that loss of function of the epigenetic regulator mutants restores IEC morphology, reduces cell shedding, and improves barrier function.It was circulating in Washington, it was circulating in large parts of the media, it was circulating in the intelligence community.Both President Obama and President-elect Trump had been briefed on it by the FBI and intelligence agencies.Liver parenchymal cell-specific ablation of NEMO, a subunit of the IκB kinase (IKK) complex that is essential for the activation of canonical NF-κB signalling, sensitized hepatocytes to apoptosis and caused the spontaneous development of chronic hepatitis and HCC in mice.Here we show that hepatitis and HCC development in NEMO mice is triggered by death receptor-independent FADD-mediated hepatocyte apoptosis.We propose that loss of epigenetic repression and TNF induction in the intestinal epithelium can lead to IBD onset.

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